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Cleaning isn’t just about wiping down surfaces, mopping the floor and dusting the shelves, you need to understand why we clean to know what products to use and how to use them efficiently.

Cleaning goes beyond making your furniture look presentable, it’s about removing harmful toxins from the air and eliminating the bacteria that surrounds us – don’t assume that nothings there if you can’t see it! Living bacteria such as microbial contaminants, chemical residues, or chemical pollutants are invisible to the eye but can adversely affect our health.

State the obvious – a kitchen surface or toilet seat will more than likely be covered with bacteria. By identifying the unseen enables you to know exactly what products to use and how strong they need to be in order to remove the different types of bacteria that surrounds us. Strong products doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be harmful.

At ART Cleaning we ensure that all of our cleaning agents do not contain any harmful elements in the products we use, but instead are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Read more about how we ‘Green Clean’ here.


How does it work?

When a cleaning product is applied to a surface, a chemical reaction begins almost immediately. The reaction is what encourages the substance to breakdown germs or other forms of bacteria. However, be sure to read what ingredients are in the products you use. Misusing products can easily damage your furniture, which is why there are different cleaning materials for all surface types, such as wood, glass or more delicate and valuable areas.


Simple elements of the environment

Surprisingly, strong chemicals and cleaning products aren’t always needed for all methods of cleaning, in fact everyday elements such as air, water and temperature are the most effective resources to use.

  • The use of water – There’s nothing gentler to use then water to clean our surfaces. The cleanliness of water enables you to use it on counter-tops, to wash away streaks and grime without harming any surfaces. Using citrus fruits such as lemons, are an effective way to take away the more stubborn dirt. Simply add a squeeze of lemon to warm water and wipe the dirt away.

  • The use of air – The power of air can be used to your advantage. Try using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and any other lightweight particles. The suction power works wonders on computer keyboards or getting all the dust off the top of your cupboard – use the extension pole to your advantage.

  • The use of temperature – Particles that make up contaminants are a lot easier to break down when the temperature of water is increased. Professional cleaners tend to know this and adjust the temperature when cleaning.

We have recently invested in the Thermopure™ System; a new technology that uses heated ultra pure water. The water is less dense and absorbs dirt more readily giving a better finish.

For more information on our cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 001 5363.

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