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The world’s skyscrapers are not only wonders of design but also often quite symbolic of a country’s political and economic stature.

Here are 5 of the most impressive structures around the globe:


Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Rising a jaw-dropping 2,717 feet above the desert, this spectacular tower boasts the title of the tallest structure in the world.



Shanghai World Financial Centre, China


The most distinctive feature of the SWFC’s design is the trapezoid aperture at the peak. The tower features three separate observation decks with the lowest located on the 94th floor, at 1,388 ft.

Taipei 101, Taiwan

This tower is designed to withstand the typhoon winds and earthquake tremors common in its area of the Asia-Pacific. Also, with the height of 101 floors, commemorates the renewal of time.



Aqua Tower, USA

The fluid contour of Aqua’s exterior creates distinctive floor plans with most residences having their own unique balcony design.



The Shard, United Kingdom

This 72-story skyscraper has transformed the British capital’s skyline, rising arrestingly on the southern banks of the Thames.



Do you agree with our choices? Let us know if we have missed out any of your favourite skyscrapers.

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