Deep Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning

Deep Kitchen Hygiene Cleaning

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  • Unparalleled cleaning standards which pass rigorous inspections.

Your daily cleaning routines can maintain a good level of hygiene, however, on your less accessible surfaces such as walls, ceilings and extractors the accumulation of dirt and grease can easily become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Our team of professional cleaning experts undertake complete deep-cleans for restaurants, kitchens and company washrooms, or cleaning in response to a health and safety evaluation.

Fire safety laws for business premises now require those with responsibilities take steps to prevent and reduce the impact on fire risks. Periodic hood cleaning will provide many benefits including; compliance with current Fire, Health and Safety codes, an improved working environment for your staff, a more efficient system and lower insurance premiums.

As well as the risk of fire, there is always a risk of closure following a visit from the Environmental Health Department.  Steam cleaning sanitises kitchens and washrooms without the use of chemicals, but if the kitchen has not been cleaned for a long time, we can perform a chemical clean first and follow it up with a steam clean.

We will undertake all kitchen cleaning and ventilation system cleaning requirements and as we specialise in restaurant and kitchen Health & Safety cleans, we will guarantee our cleaning standards will not only meet but surpass current legislation and insurance requirements.

Our Clients include: Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Fire Service, Sir Joshia Mason Trust, Dodd Group and Newcastle Borough Council.

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