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We’ve put together some useful tips on how to stay organised in the office to ensure you work efficiently and effectively.

In an office we understand the workload and how difficult it can be to maintain the cleanliness of your desk. It will be left tidy on Friday night, then Monday afternoon hits and before you know it, you’ve got paper scattered everywhere, chocolate wrappers on the floor and you can’t find your report that’s due in that day! It all rapidly escalates into a heap of mess on your desk!


Rubbish is a main reason to why your desk is so cluttered, you need to depart from the scribbles and notes you made last month, those should now have been dealt with! Get in the habit of instantly throwing away any litter, it doesn’t matter how busy you may be, it takes a minute of your time and saves you the hassle of playing hide and seek with your work in all the mess. Our advice is to keep a bin underneath your desk, this then gives you no excuse but to bin everything you don’t need once it’s been used.

Keep yourself organised

Organisation is key, especially at work. Use the office walls to your advantage, put up shelves for extra storage space, a bulletin board to pin up notes, checklists and reminders and stick up a calendar to write down all your important dates, meeting and deadline days. These will ensure you stay on top of everything that’s going on in the office and will stop you from having a cluttered mind as everything’s written down in front of you. Depending on where you work, these suggestions may be possible to be put in place, but make sure you ask your manager first!

Desk tidy

It sounds unrealistic, but trying to find a pen in an office can be impossible! Avoid your stationary from getting lost by keeping it all organised in a desk tidy. Depending on your office budget, you can get a stationary divider that will have up to 5 sections to keep your pens, pencils, rubber, paper clips and highlighters together and compact.

Useful office tips

1.   Try not to keep drinks or any form of liquids without a lid on, on your desk to avoid any spillages

2.   A clean desk means a peaceful mind

3.   Folders or any other storage facilities are great for extra organisation

4.   Email phone messages to colleagues straight away to avoid confusion and messages not being received

5.   Always think to ‘DO IT NOW’, to keep your desk tidy

6.   Have a 2 minute cleaning routine each morning to keep you on track and updated for the day

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