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We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ISO Accreditation for our quality assurance and management systems!

We are so thankful for the hard work from all of our team members, along with their attention to detail and efficiency.

We are committed to continuous improvement and ensuring that Quality Control is top of our agenda.

This is achieved by:
1. A rigorous checking procedure
2. A commitment to guaranteeing satisfaction
3. Regular announced and unannounced supervision of premises
4. Detailed project management for delivery
5. A system of immediate and recorded managerial intervention in response to client complaints and suggestions
6. Monthly gathering and monitoring of client feedback using customer satisfaction surveys
7. Valued employees, local suppliers experienced management staff
8. Investment in training for the development of our employees

Each job is monitored for quality issues and we encourage an open line of communication with our clients to obtain vital feedback and build a solid working relationship. Our cleaning teams understand that they are responsible for their own work and so to drive a focused work ethic we offer incentives enabling us to foster a positive employment relationship.