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The coronavirus epidemic has affected every part of our lives. Businesses have closed temporarily, people have to work from home and, somehow, toilet paper has become a scarce resource.

But at some point, things will begin to go back to normal. Businesses will reopen and people will start going back to work.

When this happens, it will be important to keep workplaces clean and free of the coronavirus. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to get your workplace clean and ready for staff coming back to work.

Also, by the way, if you want to rely on the professionals instead, give us a call on 0121 728 6486. We can help your business navigate the current pandemic, from emergency deep cleans to deep cleans prior to your staff coming back to work.

Do a quick superficial clean first

Before you start with a deep clean, it’s a good idea to remove dust and dirt from surfaces first. This way, the disinfectant during the deep clean will be more effective.

To do your initial quick clean, use cloths and an all-purpose cleaner.

Do a deep clean

No-one knows for sure how long the coronavirus can survive outside the human body.

It is thought to be between 1 and 3 days depending on the surface, but it may be as long as 28 days in low temperatures.

What is known is that the coronaviruses can be killed with a disinfectant. This can be a disinfectant of 62 to 71% alcohol, or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide bleach, or even household bleach containing 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.

The important areas you’ll want to pay attention to include:

  • light switches, as people touch these frequently throughout the day
  • door handles, for the same reason
  • tables, chairs and desks
  • the refrigerator, especially if there’s food that people have left in there while the business was closed
  • telephones
  • cash registers
  • bathrooms

Set up sanitizing stations

Before you reopen, it’s a good idea to put hand sanitizer dispensers around the workplace. There should be at least one sanitizer station at the front of your workplace, so visitors can clean their hands before entering the building, as well as other stations around the workplace.

Encourage employees to wash their hands

We recommend putting up signs in the bathrooms that encourage employees to wash their hands. Make sure that your employees have access to hand soap and keep your hand soap well stocked.

Open windows

It has been shown that recirculated air spreads the coronavirus. For this reason, businesses should avoid recirculating indoor air. One of the best alternatives is to simply open windows. However, opening a window is not always an option. The next best thing is to keep your air conditioning system clean, especially the filters. Make sure to clean these out before reopening your business.


Most workplaces have been gathering dust during the quarantine and it’s a good idea to clean them before reopening. A thorough deep clean with disinfectant or bleach should do the trick.

Sometimes it’s best to rely on the professionals. If you’d like Art Cleaning to help with your cleaning, give us a call on 0121 728 6486. Take advantage of our skilled team of cleaners and free your workplace of the coronavirus. Call today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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