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Prior to handover to the prestigious luxury car maker, Jaguar Land Rover, Art Cleaning completed high level cleaning within the roof area, to their two newly constructed sites at Solihull and i54 Wolverhampton.

During construction an enormous amount of dust and debris  is generated which settles on any available service.  If you have experienced an extension in your home you will have an insight into this – but imagine it on a much larger scale!

Using a range of access machinery our team completed a high level dust down of the steels, lights, heaters and pipes to ensure the sites were synonymous with a world renowned manufacturer.

i54 Wolverhampton will  house the engine factory and eventually recruit 1,400 staff.

The Solihull site plans to create 1,700 jobs as part of a £1.5bn investment in expanding its product range. The new bodyshop boasts the size of seven football pitches.


i54 Wolverhampton