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Spider season seems to be upon us and if, like us, the little critters freak you out, here are some tips to keep them at bay.

  1. Clean up – keeping your home clean is the most effective way to deter spiders.
  2. Cover up gaps – minimise the amount of cracks or gaps in your windows, doors and floorboards.
  3. Lights off – certain insects are attracted to light and they then become a food source for spiders.
  4. Citrus Peels – save lemon and lime peels and place them round window sills or areas spiders are appearing.
  5. Homemade deterrent – peppermint oils and lemon oils mixed with water can be sprayed around areas to help keep them at bay.
  6. Spider catcher – if all else fails and you want to get rid of them humanely, invest in a spider catcher that allows you to catch them at arm’s length, like this one here