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Lawn View House

We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Nottinghamshire County Council with Lawn View House acting as one of the main hubs for the Council teams. Spanning 3 storeys, the building has a variety of challenges when it comes to the cleaning of the windows and glass.

On the outside, the Front Entrance has a deep canopy that requires the use of our Telescopic Goose Neck pole attachment.  By using this method we are able to easily reach over the canopy and other such obstructions to clean the windows above.

The building also has a number of Flat Roof’s that have edge protection, which our team have to safely access.  Our Operatives have all undertaken Working at Height training which ensures all Health & Safety protocols are followed correctly and our team are safe.

The external windows are cleaned on an infrequent basis and as such cold water systems would not produce the desired effect.  As all of our vans have Hot Water Systems installed, we are able to utilise these to complete the Window Cleaning and in turn produce a superior finish.

Internally, the building has a large curtain wall which we clean using our Dragon Fly system and Traditional Poles.  When required we also provide a Deep Clean to the frames and steel structure using a 10m Scaffold Tower for access.

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    The need for clean windows is often understated and often neglected. We believe that clean windows are vital to portray the correct image of your business to clients or visitors.

    I can confirm that Art Cleaning Services have been a preferred supplier of services for Nottinghamshire County Council’s FM services for over 5 Years now.
    Art have provided us with a variety of services which have included internal and external window cleaning , kitchen deep cleans and a range of additional specialist cleaning services.
    Throughout this partnership , I can confirm that the quality of work delivered by Art has been excellent throughout. Art’s ability to provide services at short notice and with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness has been noticeable throughout. In addition communication processes and their customer care approach have also always been first class and I would certainly recommend Art to other organisations looking to procure a window cleaning and specialist cleaning service.

    Nottinghamshire County Council
    Team Manager,
    Facilities Services, Lawn View House

    Federation of Window Cleaners
    One of the leading cleaning companies in the Midlands.

    Since 1999 ART Cleaning has won a variety of awards, reflecting the hard work and dedication delivered in our work.

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    We regularly achieve Customer Satisfaction results above 98% and are committed to continuous improvement and ensuring Quality Control is top of our agenda.

    Our promise to you is that we will deliver a complete cleaning service to the highest standards.

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