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When purchasing a new carpet, you may want to consider the different types that are available as when it comes to cleaning, it can vary drastically. The two main carpet styles are Berber and Frieze.


Berber carpets are not only modern, but they’re also easy to clean. They are made up of loops with a range of colour shades per carpet. They’re usually a neutral colour with added specks of darker shades to form a background of colours. Although the carpet is relatively good in price, if you have pets that pick at the loops, the wear and tear is quite visible.

Barber carpets are great to clean and if the loops are large, it’s even better. Dirt and other types of contaminants are not able to penetrate much deeper than the fibres and loops they touch.


Frieze carpets are softer and are less coarse than Berber carpets. They can short, twisted fibres that don’t entirely stand up right. Frieze carpets are more expensive but they are durable and high in quality. However, when it comes to spillages, they are a lot more visible as there are generally no patterns or two-tone colours in the carpet.

The texture and twisted fibres easily absorb and distribute stains so you’ll need to tackle spillages fast. Vacuuming the carpet will remove any surface dirt, but long-term stains will need professional assistance to clean and remove tough dirt.

Quick hints and tips

Tackle the spillage as soon as it happens. The dirt will become tough to remove and will more likely to stain if it dries.

Dirt isn’t always visible. Don’t just clean your carpet when you see dirt as fungus, air pollution and bacteria can linger and become harmful.

–  It’s OK to use warm water. Many assume that warm water can damage your carpet, but instead it helps lift out the dirt more effectively.

Start by vacuuming. Before you start cleaning your carpet, whether it be soapy water or carpet shampoo, be sure to vacuum up all the dirt beforehand. Otherwise you could smear the dirt further into the carpet!

Remember, the key to any stain is time and patience. Before you begin cleaning your carpet, be sure to read and follow the instructions as we can only guide you in what may be suitable. Try a test patch first to be on the safe side or seek professional advice when unsure.

At ART Cleaning, we are experienced in carpet cleaning and understand the different types of carpet textures available. Below are only a few advantages of our carpet cleaning services;

– 50% faster drying times – carpets dry in 30 minutes

– Extremely quiet and environmentally friendly

– Our system cleans, disinfects and applies anti-static coating

For more information on our services, call us on: 0121 360 4763 or Email us: info@box2045.temp.domains or visit our website.

We are more than happy to visit your location in order to give you an accurate, no obligation quote for our cleaning services.

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